The first blog on the journey of how I came to Medium

Journey to start a blog

Hurdles faced when I was about to start blogging. A short blog on how I came to Medium and Why liked it.

Aman Agarwal
2 min readDec 19, 2020

After graduating and working in a software firm, I always wanted to set up blogs. I found out that blogging is one of the few methods through which you can express what you have learned in life. The knowledge is not restricted technical domain but expands over to the hard-learned reality of life and the course of exploring the vast number of options one is asked to choose from. No option is right or wrong, it just directs our life to a new path.

To establish a blog from the very beginning, I started to build a website. I was technically sound enough to build a developer portfolio and host it with a custom domain. But the real challenge lies ahead, how to make the blog work?

Extending the portfolio to a blog was a great task. I started by looking for the architecture of blogs that could be scaled up and require less maintenance. But managing various tasks like writing blogs, creating a blog editor for uploading blogs, storing blog in a database, using a hosted database, securing the backend of the blog, and optimizing the blog for search engines was a tough task to be done individually.

So I moved to a second option Using website builder and third-party CMS. CMS stands for the content management system. Tools like WordPress, Wix, etc provide you solutions to host your blogs at a minimal price. The major drawback I suffered was these tools were developed in languages I was not knowing. So to adapt to these tools, either I have to learn a new language and scrap my previous work or somehow make my existing work compatible with tools. Even learning these tools was difficult for me.

So I started exploring the options to use a blogging platform and I stumbled upon Medium. Medium provided me enough space to express my experience and save me the hassle of setting up a custom blog.

I chose Medium mainly due to

  • Clean and minimal design
  • Great SEO features
  • Great audience
  • APIs are available for third-party integration.

I will mainly blog about learning in the technology world, which will include tricks and hacks related to Web Development, surviving in the Software industry, and dilemma software engineers face after their graduation.

Stay tuned for more amazing stories and insights into the tech industry.